Women in Cybersecurity: Vandana Verma

In our very first interview, we’re proud to spotlight Vandana Verma Sehgal. Vandana is the Chair of the Board of Directors for the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Foundation. The non-profit foundation works to improve application security, organizing projects, tools, documents, forums, and chapters all over the world. Vandana is also passionate about initiatives to bring more diversity to cybersecurity.

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Women in Cybersecurity

This month as we observe Women’s History Month to celebrate the vital role of women in history, I’m excited to kick off our new series on Women in Cybersecurity. I’m excited about this program to connect women in the industry, and to spotlight their stories, with the hope to increase representation and encourage women in the field.

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NetApp Expands Its Portfolio and Partnership with Cisco

Today’s dynamic market is driving vendors to create “better-together” offerings, providing customers complete solutions. In a recent briefing with ESG, NetApp and Cisco explained the value of the next generation of FlexPod and its increasing momentum.

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Multi-cloud Is “Sweet”

There are a few ways to do a three-scoop ice cream order. You can commit to one flavor because it’s your favorite, it’s reliable, and you don’t like mixing flavors. You can get two scoops of your favorite flavor and one of a different flavor; this option allows you to stay loyal to your favorite flavor but also enjoy some variety. Or you can get all three different flavors, balancing the uniqueness of each, how they complement each other, and the different strengths and weaknesses they each have. Ok, maybe I’m looking a little too deeply into ice cream ordering, but this is how organizations are thinking when allocating workloads to cloud environments. While sticking to what they know may feel safer and more straightforward, sometimes the risk of mixing clouds (or flavors!) is worth the reward.

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