Multifactor Authentication Is Not a Panacea

Two recent high-profile breaches—Intercontinental Hotels Group and Uber—demonstrate the criticality of securing your identities. Both of these attacks started with a social engineering attack. One started with traditional business email compromise (BEC), and the other started with MFA push bombing. The next stage of both attacks compromised the password/secrets vault.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Cloud Security Posture

Organizations are increasingly moving applications to the cloud to better serve their customers, partners, and employees. The ability to quickly deploy applications to the cloud so employees, partners, and customers can connect to companies for business transactions and services gives organizations a competitive advantage. This makes maintaining security posture more important than ever, as  increasing the availability of products and services connected to company and customer data increases exposure to attacks. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is key to mitigating security risk while enabling the use of innovative cloud technologies that drive better business results.

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ESG On Location – VMware Explore 2022

ESG On Location – VMware Explore 2022

Sporting a new name, the long anticipated in-person event, VMware Explore, was back this year with new innovation, new conversations, and a new theme, “Cloud Chaos.” The ESG analyst team was there, on location, and in this video, you will hear from me, as well as Mark Bowker, Bob Laliberte, Paul Nashawaty, and Kevin Rhone, on the most impressive announcements and insights from the event.

Check out the video and hope to see you in person at next year’s event.

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DSPM: The New Kid on the Cloud Security Block

There are many different cybersecurity categories, and it seems that a new category is created every minute. If you're paying attention to cloud security, you may have seen or heard about DSPM—data security posture management. 

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Women in Cybersecurity: Wendy Thomas

This episode of Women in Cybersecurity features Wendy Thomas, President and CEO of Secureworks, a leading cybersecurity company that helps its global customers build effective cybersecurity programs with innovative technology and professional services. With a mathematical background in economics and finance, she found that the field of cybersecurity provides a rewarding trifecta: the opportunity to work globally across cultures and geographies, intellectually stimulating work using innovative technology; and the ability to make a positive impact.

Her leadership includes diversity and inclusion initiatives to reflect the global markets Secureworks serves, and she is an advocate for childhood cyber literacy, starting as early as elementary schools.

Don't miss her video below, and be sure to check out the full audio interview.

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