Alex Arcilla

Alex Arcilla

Validation analyst Alex Arcilla contributes to ESG’s technical and economic validations of emerging networking, cloud, and storage solutions. Prior to ESG, she held analyst roles at IDC and Gigaom, covering semiconductors and mobile technologies. But she is most passionate about networking, as she held product marketing roles at Cisco and Agilent and engineering roles at AT&T Labs. Alex earned her dual M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Statistics from Rutgers University, and her M.B.A. from Cornell University. She is currently working towards AWS certification. When her nose is not in her laptop, she trains for long-distance races, samples coffee and chocolate, and still searches for the best NYC-style pizza in the Bay Area, CA.

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Women in Cybersecurity: Gisela Hinojosa: Hacking Your Way into a Cybersecurity Career

Forgive me for the blatant cheesiness of the title, but in this case, using the term hacking is sort of relevant…bear with me…

No doubt that working in cybersecurity is really THE thing to do right now. The opportunities seem endless. But exactly what paths can you pursue when entering a field that is constantly evolving?

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