Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand

Senior Analyst Christophe Bertrand covers data protection at ESG. Christophe has 25 years of experience in services, software, and high-end storage systems as well as a passion for the product marketing discipline and product launches. Christophe has spent most of his career in the data storage and data protection space with companies such as Legato Systems (now EMC), VERITAS, Maxtor, Hitachi Data Systems, DataDirect Networks, and most recently Arcserve.

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IT’s Best Kept Secret…or Not…

One question we often hear at conferences and industry events is whether IT organizations can get more value out of the data copies that they already have. 

You bet they can. It’s been right there in front of them for a long time. As my colleague Vinny Choinski from the ESG Validation team points out, capacity efficient snapshot technology has been around for decades. It was pioneered in primary storage systems in the late 90s (e.g., EMC, IBM, Hitachi…) and got a capacity savings boost when it was combined with deduplication in data protection appliances (e.g., Data Domain) and purpose-built continuous data protection and data management solutions (e.g., Actifio). IT orgs have primarily been using these solutions for a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional restores and some have been leveraging them to make copies for test and development. Now, backup solutions with the ability to “instantly” boot virtual machines from a writeable snapshot (e.g., Veeam) and data management solutions (e.g., Cohesity, Rubrik, Datrium) have expanded the value and the potential uses of this powerful technology, but, for most organizations, the value of these powerful technologies is a secret that’s locked up in an organizational silo. This silo is locking the value of data, limiting the return that can be realized by re-using it for additional purposes to serve the organization/business.

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Ransomware and SaaS Mishaps in the News Again…Did I mention you need a backup? (Includes Video)

The past few weeks in technology news have been particularly interesting…and alarming.

On the ransomware front, the city of Baltimore made first page May 7 for an attack that apparently could have been avoided by patching their Microsoft environment 2 years ago. With practices like this, it makes me wonder what their backup habits are/were…. It is reported that the city will incur a cost of 18 million between lost revenues and recovery or recreation efforts. Baltimore: Give me a call. I can set you up with great backup for a lot less! I know many vendors who could help.

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Insights from VeeamON 2019

In this ESG On Location video, my colleague Vinny Choinski and I discuss our impressions of VeeamON 2019 in Miami, Florida.

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VeeamON 2019

VeeamON just started in Miami (about 2000 in attendance) with a number of announcements that will get the industry's attention - not surprisingly, some might add, because it's Veeam.  

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Going back to Miami...

...and going back to my Veeam friends to attend VeeamON. I expect to see and talk to the Veeam leadership and product teams about the roadmap and new features they have in store. I will also spend time with end-users to discuss their experience with the solution. It is great to get first-hand feedback. I am very interested in a couple of areas in particular: data compliance and recovery testing...or actual experience dealing with an actual disaster.
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In Data Protection News Recently

Never a dull moment in the data protection market. After last week's announcements at Dell World, Unitrends (a Kaseya company), OdasevaCohesity, HYCU, and Veeam have come out with interesting news.

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Data Protection Conversation with Dell EMC @ Dell Technologies World

I had the opportunity to catch up with Alex Almeida at Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas in the Data Protection booth to discuss the significant new announcements the company made at the event. Don't miss it!

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Dell Technologies Launches New Data Protection Solutions

Dell just announced new data protection solutions at Dell Technologies World 2019. While the event is set in Las Vegas, don't take it as an invitation to gamble with your data!  Our research shows that 57% of organizations state that their tolerance for high-priority application downtime
is less than 15 minutes or 15 minutes to less than one hour. In other words, no time for protection is clearly a great business to be in!

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HYCU Doubles Down on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The HYCU team has been busy in the past few quarters. A number of updates to its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) backup solution have taken place following the introduction of the innovative BaaS offering, with billing integration and advanced backup controls for example. HYCU has also expanded its reseller network and is actively targeting the enterprise space. 

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Data Protection Conversation with Dell EMC

In this new edition of Data Protection Conversations, I speak with Beth Phalen, President of Dell EMC's data protection division.

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