Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand

Senior Analyst Christophe Bertrand covers data protection at ESG. Christophe has 25 years of experience in services, software, and high-end storage systems as well as a passion for the product marketing discipline and product launches. Christophe has spent most of his career in the data storage and data protection space with companies such as Legato Systems (now EMC), VERITAS, Maxtor, Hitachi Data Systems, DataDirect Networks, and most recently Arcserve.

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Covid-19 Will Change Backup and Recovery - Part 1

There hasn't been a conversation in the past 3 weeks in which a particular non-cyber (for once) virus hasn't been discussed. Many of our clients are asking us what we believe will change from a product/service/solution strategy in the space of backup and recovery. I don't have a crystal ball but based on recent research, and as the year progresses, I expect that we will be able to better understand what might be significant changes in how organizations approach IT and the topic of backup and recovery, including disaster recovery. 

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Archiving On-premises Economics

ESG recently completed a very interesting Economic Validation report for a very interesting solution from iTernity. I normally don't blog about all the reports we do but this one got my attention.   

Our recent research on IT challenges and spending intentions for 2020 highlights that data growth, costs, skills shortages and operational efficiency are top challenges. Organizations need  solutions that allow them to retain data for compliance (sometimes for years). It's a perfect storm: more data growth every year, the need to retain it for extended periods of time, and tighter budgets (I never hear of an unlimited IT budget!). Here's the thing, while cloud is a great destination, archives that don’t necessarily have to reside in a public cloud can be cost-effective and operationally efficient.  

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Do you know what data you have? Titus can help

Achieving compliance and meeting the newest data privacy requirements is pretty much like trying to hit a moving target. In the dark. At high speed. 

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Cohesity Goes After The Decentralized Enterprise

Most enterprises have many decentralized locations and sometimes operate a model where there is no real "central" data center. Our research shows that these ROBO topologies are particularly sensitive to data protection challengesfor example, at organizations with many branches (retail, food chains, gas stations, etc.).

Veeam Has its Sights on the Enterprise Segment with New V10

Version 10 is going GA with the usual fanfare that great marketing companies such as Veeam know how to orchestrate, but it's different this time. Something is changing.

In the past, and despite our most respectful recriminations, Veeam would pre-announce new versions and sometimes over-hype their capabilities. Hard to stop the Veeam marketing machine when it's in launch mode!! I have seen it both on the vendor side as a competitor (with secret admiration) and on the analyst side at ESG.

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The Tape Renaissance and Ransomware

In my predictions for 2020, I highlighted that tape is not going away any time soon. It's actually experiencing a renewal as it has become quite obvious to a whole new generation of IT professionals that it is a great medium for high-capacity and low-cost storage. 

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Veeam Acquisition: The Net Net

2020 started with a bang in the data protection space with the announcement of the acquisition of Veeam by Private Equity firm Insight Partners. Insight Partners is no stranger to the space, having invested in Acronis, as well. In this short blog, I am going to net out my views on this acquisition.  

It's great news for the market! Let's be clear, the backup and recovery space is hot and growing, but it is yesterday's market. It is evolving into something else, which I have coined the data intelligence market, an evolution of backup and recovery that places data and data reuse at the heart of the enterprise. Whether enabling digital transformation or leveraging "dark" or dormant data, the idea is to leverage data assets. This acquisition is about the next stage of the market.

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Actifio Triples Down on Modern Intelligent Data Management

Actifio just announced a new version of its platform, Actifio 10C, and it comes with a bunch of goodies just in time for year-end festivities. The version numbering itself reveals a triumvirate of themes around the letter C: cloud, containers, and copy data. While the first too are critical in supporting the "how to" or "where," the third (copy data) is really about the ability to further leverage data assets, an area in which I believe Actifio has done better than others. 

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CCPA Is Coming...Part 2

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Often compared to GDPR, CCPA protects consumers from mismanagement of their personal data and gives consumer control over what data is collected, processed, shared, or sold by companies doing business in California. I recently chatted with my friends and colleagues Dave Littman from TruthInIT and Steve Catanzano, Senior Consultant at ESG. 

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CCPA Is Coming... Part 1

The California Consumer Privacy Act is a landmark piece of consumer privacy legislation which passed into California law on June 28th of 2018. The bill is also known as AB 375. This Act is the strongest privacy legislation enacted in any state, giving more power to consumers with regards to their private data.   

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