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Putting Some Heat on Phishing and Credential Theft

Today’s announcement of Mimecast acquiring Segasec should help companies close another important gap in the race against the rampant phishing and credential theft attacks.

As Mimecast builds out their Email 3.0 strategy, the acquisition of Segasec will put the heat on bad actors who are busy stealing credentials by impersonating many of the world's biggest companies. With so many phishing attacks attempting to lead users to fake or impersonated web sites where they unknowingly give up login credentials and other sensitive information, many of the largest online companies become the biggest targets.

Mimecast continues to extend their email security platform to protect against the growing email-led threat vector. While many email security companies have implemented filtering techniques to detect and slow down url and domain spoofing, impersonation sites have been left unattended. Segasec’s subscription service proactively hunts down impersonation sites and shuts them down. This is kind of like going after the drug dealer’s home instead of the drug user. To accomplish this, Segasec continuously monitors domain name registrations, certificates, social networks, and more, looking for indications of impersonation. And when they find them, they have several methods of blocking access or taking down the impersonated sites.

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Think Email Security Is a Commodity? Think Again.

Getting Email Security Right Is More Important than Ever Before

With business email compromise racking up some of the largest financial theft associated with cyber-crime, and the relentless use of phishing as a means to trick users into handing over user credentials and other personal and sensitive data to bad actors, security organizations need to take a hard look at how their email security solutions are protecting against these issues.

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What’s Missing from CrowdStrike?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend Fal.Con Unite 2019 in San Diego earlier this week where the CrowdStrike team brought together over 1200 customers for two and a half days of keynotes and learning sessions. It was apparent from the moment we arrived that there was a significant partner focus, with many visible conference sponsors and partner-led sessions (most of whom are recent CrowdStrike Store partners), plus six new Store partners who are all leveraging CrowdStrike APIs and threat graph data to enhance their solutions. And of course, there was much to say about product and services roadmaps, as well as plenty of learning sessions to help users get the most out of their investment with CrowdStrike.

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It Time to Make Cybersecurity Personal: Here’s How.

With only 12 months in a year and hundreds or thousands of important topics to educate people on, how are people ever going to cut through it all and hear about how important cybersecurity is? With cyber breach stories running in virtually every news media outlet weekly, is cybersecurity just becoming background noise in our busy lives?

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Carbon Black and VMware: What’s in it for both and for you!

With the recent announcement by VMware that it will be acquiring Carbon Black, VMware will be adding much needed security expertise and technology to its already strong portfolio.

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Time to Band Together on Behalf of the Greater Security Cause

Cyber Pros Join Together for a Night of Classic Rock

In conjunction with the AWS re:Inforce conference last week, ESG hosted an evening of classic rock, where we invited our clients to join us on the stage at the Hard Rock Café Boston for a classic rock jam night. While a few of the musicians knew each other, most did not, yet they jumped right in to perform tunes from bands like Led Zeppelin, Billy Squier, Pat Benatar, AC/DC, and many more.

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7 Reasons Why CrowdStrike Brings Home the Bacon

In the cybersecurity world, we cheer when companies are as successful as CrowdStrike in their recent IPO. This kind of success helps fuel the energy level across the entire cyber industry, rising the tide for all who are focused on keeping the world safe from cyberattacks.

Winning in this market requires more than just a deep understanding of cyberattacks and how to stop them. It requires a deep understanding of what challenges organizations are facing as they strive to protect themselves while their attack-surface grows, amid a growing base of adversaries who are innovating at a pace that rivals many of the world’s most successful tech companies.

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A Promising New Chapter in Detection and Response Tools

As security teams commit more and more resources to detection and response activities, endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are becoming core to the process. But when we take a step back and look at the bigger picture surrounding threat detection and response, we see multiple, disparate solutions being used to detect and investigate threats, requiring analysts to log into multiple systems or post-process data from these systems to correlate alerts. With many organizations utilizing a best-of-breed tools strategy for their security stack, integrations have become core to the sanity of most security teams.

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Is Your Application Security Testing Program Measuring Up?

Finding the right metrics to measure the effectiveness of your security programs can be challenging and subjective. While most everyone can agree on the ultimate objective of preventing breaches, there is much discussion about how to objectively measure and report on the effectiveness of everything between your first dollar invested in security and your planned security investments for the coming year.

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Endpoint Security Platforms Destined to Simplify Operations and Reduce Complexity, but There Are Risks

As organizations struggle with the complexity and number of security tools in use, the dream of an integrated platform seems convincingly like a good idea. Surely life would be less complex with fewer tools to manage, systems that were designed and built to work together, and fewer vendors to deal with. But there will be new challenges and tradeoffs to consider that will require some planning and effort.

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