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Shadow IT and Cloud Access Security Brokers Video

ESG’s recent cloud security research was designed to gain insights into organizations' awareness of, requirements for, and future plans with regard to cloud security.

One of the most startling takeaways from that research was the pervasiveness of “shadow IT.” Organizations are struggling to get a grip on their cloud application usage and policies, and, in many cases, they are turning to CASB (cloud application security broker) providers for help.

Watch ESG’s infographic research video below for more insights on this topic.

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Swirld's Hashgraph: A Better Blockchain?

Blockchain receives a lot of attention these days for some very good reasons. Some of the common attributes that are frequently used to describe Blockchain are distributed, sustainable, secure, indelible, transparent, auditable, consensus-based, transactional, orchestrated, and flexible. This is certainly a good start for a distributed ledger, but some are questioning whether this goes far enough. A recent conversation with Dr. Leemon Baird, CEO of Swirlds, shed light on some of the issues with Blockchain and the advantages of his hashgraph alternative.

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The Newest Member of the ESG Lab Analyst Team

Greetings Blogosphere,

I’m Evan Marcus, the latest addition to ESG’s Lab Analyst team.

Although I am new to ESG, I am certainly not new to the industry. I have worked for a variety of tech companies over the years, including Veritas Software, Sun Microsystems, Riverbed, and VMware from here in the Metro New York area.

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The most important ingredient in tech marketing

Marketers in 2016 are absolutely required to have several arrows in their quiver. It's not enough to just blog actively, to just send emails to your customers and prospects, to just blanket search engines with PPC ads. No one tool in isolation is going to get the job done, you've got to pull on each of the levers available to you in various amounts until you find that magical recipe. And even then, you've got to keep tweaking, cause what works on Tuesday may be obsolete by Wednesday.

Four ways to de-escalate the marketing wars

Ask any marketing professional at a small or medium-sized business — virtually every organization struggles with battles between marketing and other departments. Often, the fights erupt between the inbound marketing and the inside sales teams; how is a marketing-qualified lead defined, at what stage in the lead nurturing process is the contact handed over to the inside sales team, what activity markers are the strongest buying indicators, etc.

But it doesn't stop there. Marketing battles with engineering, senior management, and the services/support teams can also bring collaborative efforts to a screeching halt. Tension between departments is the easiest way to break a strong company culture, and letting that tension fester can turn cynicism into resentment and victimization.

There are ways to break the cycle of antagonization, though. Consider these four ways to de-escalate marketing's wars and reestablish harmony with the people who work with you to present your company's public face: 

How to make sense of a crowded, confused IoT platform landscape?

In my blog post after the IoT World conference in May, I mused that the IoT ecosystem is in danger of confusing the heck out of everyone, and that the countless companies using the term "IoT platform" has rendered the term virtually meaningless.

While some of this is due to the immaturity of the IoT market and vendor landscape in general, it also stems from needless confusion created by broad marketing messages that make it difficult to truly understand what capabilities providers actually deliver.

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Does the king of CRM need a food taster?

The big news in the marketing world last week was Microsoft's announcement that it plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Admittedly, I was a little unclear as to Microsoft's motives at first; what use would Microsoft have for a social network that, let's be honest, tends to be the butt of social media jokes as often as it serves a significant role in any business' marketing plans?

IBM and Cisco partner for edge-to-cloud IoT analytics

On June 2nd, IBM and Cisco announced a partnership for IoT analytics which aims to combine IBM's cognitive computing analytics in the cloud with Cisco's fog computing analytics at the edge. Overall, the combination is a positive one for IoT and analytics decisions makers since it begins to help clarify the IoT data journey story.

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IoT World 2016 — an ecosystem in flux

I recently attended IoT World, held May 11-13th in Santa Clara. As you might expect, there was a lot of energy at the event, and enthusiasm for IoT. And it was well-attended, with reportedly more than 10,000 people expected over the course of the three days of the exhibition.

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The DevOps reference model

Getting started with DevOps or trying to address process improvement in DevOps is almost always a challenge. The reason for this is the importance and complexity of driving change — there will always be people, process, policy, and products that need to be considered, no matter the maturity of your organization.

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