Mark Bowker

Mark Bowker

Senior Analyst Mark Bowker is responsible for the enterprise mobility, identity, and mobile security coverage at ESG. Leveraging 20+ years of IT industry experience, Mark researches what it takes to support today’s workforce as seen through both IT and end-user lenses.

Recent Posts by Mark Bowker:

Digital Workspace Ecosystem Conversation with Paul Campaniello of Login VSI (Video)

The insights that Paul shares regarding testing hosted desktops as part of a digital workspace strike me as an essential requirement as businesses consider scaling their environment beyond what they have ever planned. 

I think of Login VSI as the standard for testing hosted desktops and a way IT pros can help predict user experience while deploying at scale with confidence. Listen as Paul and I chat through the digital workspace ecosystem and how Login VSI is helping customers succeed with their strategies. 

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

The Digital Workspace Alliance

Digital workspaces, a term adopted by internal IT organizations to describe projects, are often shaped and defined based on what a technology vendor can map to from a technology or solution perspective. I am a proponent of digital workspaces and was pleased to see multiple companies come together in an effort to put consistency behind digital workspaces. Full details on the Alliance can be seen here: Ten Tech Leaders Form the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance to Help Organizations Navigate Remote & Hybrid Work Solutions

Topics: Digital Workspace

Why Have Employee Monitoring Activities Increased?

In ESG's 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey, when asked whether IT leadership has gotten any pressure from business executives to increase employee monitoring at any point stemming back to the outset of the pandemic, nearly half (48%) of senior IT decision makers responded in the affirmative.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Executives Want More Employee Insights

Antiquated management philosophies that connected successful work with hours in an office are being proven to be erroneous. In fact, ESG's 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey highlighted that 72% or organizations are becoming more pro-work-from-home and 44% of respondents would prefer to keep as many employees as possible working remotely as long as possible. As a result, we are seeing the pressure being turned on for IT pros who are being asked to increase employee monitoring. 

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

VMworld 2020: What's Next for VMware Heros? (Video)

For the last decade, IT pros have mapped their career paths to server virtualization and have truly become heroes inside their organization. Now, they have the opportunity to accelerate their careers with containers as they map closer to modern application development. Tune in as Scott Sinclair and I share our observations on VMworld 2020 and what the future holds for IT professionals.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility

VMworld 2020 Inspires Trust & Productivity for Remote Work (Video)

 The acceleration of digital workspaces has been fascinating to observe, as businesses have had to flip the switch to remote work. Businesses have found themselves exposed and underprepared, but platforms like VMware Workspace ONE are helping organizations enable remote work for employees with confidence. How organizations managed & maintained applications and devices was slowly rounding the curve 12+ months ago. Now, organizations are living the benefits real-time with the help of VMware. Please listen in as I share some observations from VMworld 2020 and keep tuned in as ESG focuses on user experiences and employee monitoring.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Work with Man's Best Friend: Video with J. Tyler Rohrer, CoFounder, Liquidware

Work is no longer a place you go. Tyler and I discuss how businesses are getting creative in the ways they enable remote work and potential back to office solutions. It's fascinating to see the solutions we have talked about for years plugging directly into the future of work. Please listen in as Tyler and I share some of our observations and insights.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

VDI is Finally Here Video with John Kelly, SVP, Dell Technologies Product Manager, Data Centric Workloads and Solutions

John shares some great perspective on VDI solutions and how remote work has inspired the future of work. We also discuss the pros and cons of VPN and how VDI helps overcome some of the traditional challenges of VPN. The other topic we hit on is deployment choice and how businesses may choose on-prem or off-prem VDI deployment models.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility COVID-19 Tech Effect

User Productivity Video with Carisa Stringer, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Citrix

It's always a pleasure to speak with Carisa as she shares her enthusiasm for the market and the variety of experiences Citrix customers are working through today. We also touch on the potential importance of user experience monitoring and how it may play into future remote work decisions.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility COVID-19 Tech Effect

Transforming How People Work: Video with Vishal Ganeriwala, VP Product Marketing Citrix

Listen to hear how Citrix is helping customers and the unique position that Citrix holds in the market with its ability to deliver a variety of work-from-home solutions. Vishal also shares how important the cloud consumption model has been during these times and some potential maneuvers he sees as customers think through what's next.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility COVID-19 Tech Effect