Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair

ESG Senior Analyst Scott Sinclair has a proven history in both the storage and data protection industries. Scott uses his keen understanding and experience investigating new technologies and designing business strategies for Fortune 500 technology companies to solve unique problems for his clients.

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Stellus Sets Performance Record -  Giving File Data a Much Needed Speed Boost

Modern IT has a need for speed. In the digital era, data fuels decision making, enhances how businesses interact with their customers, and determines operational efficiency, plus in a growing number of cases, data is the product.

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Pure Storage Announces Impressive Growth

Last week, Pure Storage announced some very impressive fourth quarter earnings results. Some highlights include:

  • Q4 revenue $492.0 million, up 17% year-over-year.
  • Full-year revenue $1.643 billion, up 21% year-over-year.
  • Q4 GAAP gross margin 70.8%; Full-year GAAP gross margin 69.0%.
  • Full-year free cash flow was $101.7 million, up 59% year-over-year.
  • Pure added more than 500 new customers in the quarter, reaching over 7,500 total customers.
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Addressing the Edge of Business Will Require More Than Technology

The edge, or the internet of things (IoT), is the next technology frontier. Though edge environments have existed for some time, it has recently become the wild west of technology, one defined by many harsh realities and a new ramp in investment, as businesses look for the next digital goldmine.

Nearly four out of ten (38%) storage decision makers believe IoT workloads will be a top driver of on-premises storage spending growth over the next 24 months, with one-third (33%) identifying IoT workloads for cloud storage spending over that same time period. IT is preparing for an onslaught of data growth resulting from these workloads, but how are IT vendors poised to address these needs of businesses at the edge?

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New IBM FlashSystem Family: More than just Flash, More than just Systems

This week IBM announced an update to its FlashSystem storage portfolio. While new flash storage releases have become somewhat commonplace lately, thinking that IBM’s FlashSystems are just systems with flash does them a huge disservice. IBM has integrated some game-changing software innovation into its FlashSystems. While much of this technology has been in there for a while, the benefits extend far beyond the average storage system.

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Dell Tech Summit 2019: Delivering Automatic, On-demand IT, with Goals for Sustainability and Inclusion

At this year’s Dell Tech Summit, there were several high-impact announcements, each one important and each one valuable. But, with each, the real story will be whether these are just single isolated announcements or whether each one can become a first step in a larger journey that helps define Dell and its offerings moving forward.

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Hitachi NEXT 2019: Faster, Bigger, Smarter, and Embracing the Cloud

Hitachi NEXT this year had a new feel about it. Sure, there was some great tech, which we will get to in a minute, but speaking with the attendees and the executives, there was an element of excitement in the air. Hitachi Vantara has already had great tech, but this year, with new innovations for the data center, the cloud, and data ops, there is much more to Hitachi Vantara than in years past.

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Pure Accelerate: Building the Modern Data Experience on a Foundation of Flash

This week Pure // Accelerate came to my hometown of Austin, Tx. And for three days, the city was orange; filled with a customer base that is both passionate and enthusiastic.

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VMworld 2019: Building the IT Hero for the Digital Era

The theme of this year’s VMworld is “Make you Mark.” The kickoff keynote delivered a familiar narrative placing the IT leader in the place of a hero, a cross between “Morpheus and Hermione,” gifted with powers to change the world.

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Flash Memory Summit 2019: What’s Next and What’s Missing in the Future of Flash (Video)

This week, I was in Santa Clara, California for my annual pilgrimage to Flash Memory Summit (FMS). While I was there, I got a few moments during a very busy week to stand in front of a camera with my colleague, Mark Peters, and discuss this year’s summit, as well as the latest news.

Before I get to the new tech, I feel I must address the big question: “Is Flash Memory Summit still as important as it once was?” With flash memory becoming the de facto standard for data storage now, do we need a separate event for flash? Isn’t everything storage-related about flash now?

The Need for Speed: Amazon buys E8

The Israeli tech news site, Globes, reported today that Amazon is acquiring the NVMe flash storage start-up, E8. The report mentions the deal is estimated to be between $50 and $60 million. However, the article also notes that other sources estimate the deal might have been for less.  

So, why is Amazon buying E8?

At this time, I have not seen an official statement from Amazon. I speculate, however, that this is a technology, rather than a business, acquisition, something that offers high performance NVMe storage that fits Amazon’s hyperscale architecture. E8’s technology may be delivered as an ultra-fast storage tier. Or Amazon may use the technology in future versions of Outposts. Either presents a fascinating opportunity for Amazon and its customers.  

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