Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair

ESG Senior Analyst Scott Sinclair has a proven history in both the storage and data protection industries. Scott uses his keen understanding and experience investigating new technologies and designing business strategies for Fortune 500 technology companies to solve unique problems for his clients.

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Accelerate Ransomware Recovery - IBM CyberVault for FlashSystem

For years, we have seen data transform businesses, create new industries, and serve as the catalyst for business growth and new opportunities. According to ESG research, 59% of businesses identify that at least some portion of their revenue is derived from information-based products and services.

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HPE Discover 2021: Sailing the GreenLake to the Age of Insight

Can an IT systems vendor really transform into a cloud service provider? With everything we saw from HPE and HPE GreenLake at this year’s HPE Discover 2021, I think we are going to find out pretty soon. With this year’s announcements, it's clear HPE understands that modern IT wants a cloud-like experience everywhere, and HPE means to deliver it.

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Introducing The Bigger Truth in Tech Podcast

I am excited to announce my new podcast, The Bigger Truth in Tech, is now live on Apple podcasts. Check it out!

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Pure Accelerate 2021—Targeting the Speed of Businesses

At this year’s Pure Accelerate we were offered a glimpse into the future of data storage. Contrary to what you might expect, the event didn’t center on some new array or a new version of flash. Rather, the focus was on how Pure is transforming the way it delivers storage technology, how its storage supports modern application environments, and how its customers consume and manage its storage.

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Dell Technologies World 2021: Ascending to the APEX

2021 is poised to be a transformational year for Dell Technologies, with Dell Technologies APEX playing the lead role. At this year’s Dell Technologies World, Dell announced the availability of what is expected to just be the start of a broad portfolio of managed IT services. Combined with the announced spin off of both VMware and Boomi, Dell Technologies is finding its focus—a focus I expect will lead to benefits for both Dell and its customers, but there is still much to be done.

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HPE - May Unified Data Ops Be With You

HPE made a big announcement this week on the data storage front, introducing Unified DataOps. At a high level, I am a big supporter of innovation along the lines of what HPE is doing—namely, providing technologies that fuel the transition from buying systems to realizing positive business outcomes. That’s because more and more, I see business leaders trying to achieve two seemingly conflicting goals:

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IBM, the Future of Data Storage, and the End of the Array?

This week, IBM announced several enhancements to its storage portfolio. While there was a lot of good stuff in there, IBM’s new Spectrum Fusion offering deserves a deeper conversation. My colleague Paul Nashawaty covered some of the value it offers in his blog. I wanted to take a step back, however, and look at IBM Spectrum Fusion as it relates to the overall direction of IT storage and Infrastructure.

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Dell PowerStore: NVMe over FC Performance for All

When is a midrange storage array not a midrange storage array? When it can break down the traditional definitions of storage arrays. Given the state of modern IT, it is time to do away with labels such as entry-level or midrange for storage technology. That is an antiquated way of classifying technologies. And the Dell Technologies PowerStore is an excellent case in point. At first glance, someone might think of the PowerStore as just another midrange array, but that would be a huge mistake.

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IBM Storage Goes Cloud-native: Innovating for the Needs of Containers and Application Modernization

This should be obvious by now, but container-based apps are different from traditional applications. Yet too many IT vendors still treat container-based application environments with the same expectations and the same infrastructure design.

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The Big Memory Movement – Conversation with Charles Fan of MemVerge (Video)

Application modernization efforts are pushing traditional infrastructure to its limits in an era where businesses across nearly every industry depend upon data and applications to not only continue operations, but to also create new opportunities. High performance improves customer experience, accelerates business operations, and can deliver superior business results. Technology is no longer simply a passenger for business operations, it is the now the engine and often the driver as well.

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