Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair

ESG Senior Analyst Scott Sinclair has a proven history in both the storage and data protection industries. Scott uses his keen understanding and experience investigating new technologies and designing business strategies for Fortune 500 technology companies to solve unique problems for his clients.

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Accelerate Data Recovery: Pure and Cohesity Partner up for FlashRecover

No matter how much changes in life and in IT, two things stay the same: 1. Data continues to grow, and 2. Backup remains a problem. Last year when ESG polled storage decision makers on their data storage challenges, the rapid rate of data growth and backup/protection were two of the top three most commonly identified storage challenges.[1] They were also two of the top three storage challenges in ESG’s 2017 storage research, and in 2015, 2012, 2008, and… well, you get the idea.

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HPE Discover 2020: Enabling Cloud Everywhere with Next-level Intelligence for Storage

HPE’s Discover 2020 virtual event continued this week, with a day focused on storage. On the whole, HPE’s virtual Discover experience has been impressive, entertaining, and well managed. Check it out, the content is still available.

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Pure Accelerate 2020: Building the Modern Data Experience

This year, Pure Storage’s Accelerate Event went digital and the experience was impressive. While as an industry the transition from in-person to virtual events has deliver mixed results (so much so, I wrote a blog about it), Pure Accelerate 2020 was brief, to the point, and managed to simultaneously inform and entertain. If you don’t believe me, you can still check out much of the content still on Pure’s site.

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Dell takes OneFS to the Next Level with PowerScale

This week, Dell Technologies announced the release of its new PowerScale storage platform for unstructured (file and object) data. Despite the new name, PowerScale leverages the same OneFS technology that was the backbone of the Isilon brand for so many years.

Why isn’t it just called Isilon? Multiple reasons, Dell looks to be consolidating the naming for its infrastructure portfolio all under “Power” brands, such as PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerOne, and now PowerScale. Also, there is a lot more in this launch than just a new appliance.

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Two Rules for Creating Engaging Digital Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely hindered our ability, whether as analysts or as IT vendors, to engage with our peers, partners, and customers. And few places represent this shift in the rules of customer engagement more than the current hiatus of large, in-person customer and partner events.

The big events are gone--so too are the spectacle of the keynotes, the famous speakers, the meet and greets, the live demos, and the tchotchkes. Those poor, poor tchotchkes. Will no one think of the tchotchkes?

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Spot on! NetApp Acquires Spot Aspiring to Deliver App-driven Infrastructure

Yesterday, NetApp announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Spot. While acquisitions are difficult to evaluate since the hard work really doesn’t begin until after the integration work is complete, I am finding it difficult to contain my excitement.

Spot is one of the more interesting young innovators in IT and its technology addresses a massive need in the industry. The firm has several different offerings but, in essence, Spot’s technology is about enabling its customers to achieve an application-driven infrastructure, where the technology provides tools that understand workload patterns, then provide visibility into those patterns, enabling more efficient use of infrastructure and automation. Spot understands how your applications leverage infrastructure including public cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to.

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Pure Storage up Double Digits

Pandemic? What pandemic? Last week, Pure Storage announced their first quarter fiscal 2020 financial results boasting a 12% revenue increase over last year. This revenue jump offered one of the few bright spots in a week that saw a flurry of less than positive financial news about multiple IT technology providers. Pure’s results also offer a reminder that business must go on even when a pandemic limits how and where businesses can operate.

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IBM Think 2020: Virtual Event with Real Transformation

Last week, I was able to attend IBM’s virtual Think 2020 event. And though I still prefer the in-person versions of these events, I can say the announcements did not disappoint.

Whether it was by design or due to the pandemic, IBM focused its new technology introductions down to a few larger, broader-reaching technology solutions. A couple of which have the potential to be game-changing.

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Can AWS, Google, and Microsoft Save IT from the Mires of Hybrid Cloud Complexity?

In my recent article at SearchStorage, I took a look the hybrid cloud solutions offered by several of the major public cloud providers, Google Anthos, AWS Outposts, and Azure Stack, and their potential to help solve the modern challenges of hybrid cloud environments.

IT has a complexity problem, as nearly two thirds (64%) of IT decision makers recently surveyed by ESG indicated IT is more complex now compared with just two years ago. And for those that identify IT as more complex, more than a quarter (26%) of them identify the need to leverage both on-premises data centers and off-premises cloud providers as a driver of that increased complexity.

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Dell EMC PowerStore: A New Beginning

The much-anticipated Dell EMC PowerStore was announced yesterday, the heir apparent to both the Dell EMC Unity and the SC technology portfolios.

At first glance, PowerStore delivers on all the expectations nearly anyone might have for a next generation mid-range storage array. You name it, it has it, including end-to-end NVMe, support for block and file storage, ability to scale up and/or out, a host of enterprise storage features, and a 4:1 data reduction ratio guarantee.

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