Availability Comes of (Digital Life) Age - VeeamOn 2017

availability.jpgI've just finished up at VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans and the show really was a coming out party for Veeam. As the leader in terms of availability and data protection, Veeam can define the space with its messaging and positioning. Thus, when Veeam presents a new vision for how availability is seen from today's digital businesses, it elevates how the industry should think about data.

One of the most powerful concepts that Veeam presented was the link between availability and digital life experiences. The digital life experience is about how pervasive the need for digital services has become in today's society. We often have to look at this idea through the lens of today's younger generation, maybe our kids, but it also affects everyone. Think about what happens when your WiFi goes down, services like Facebook, XBOX Live, and WhatsApp are unavailable, or Netflix stops working. What we see in today's digital life is that people no longer just shrug their shoulders and decide to wait any downtime out. Our digitally based society has an expectation of 100% availability and the moment those services are not available, consumers are not only upset, but they also immediately start looking for alternatives, which they may never switch back from.

This means that because of digital life experiences, availability has shifted from insurance to assurance.  We have moved beyond what has traditionally been thought of for availability and data protection, which was a reactive insurance policy for when issues and downtime occur.  Digital life now requires availability assurance, a proactive measure to prevent the negative effects of any downtime or event. This shift from insurance to assurance, from reactive to proactive, is the maturation of availability's role within IT.  

Along with this new vision, Veeam has brought out several new products that increases its role in supporting digital life experiences.  Moving beyond their traditional strength of on-premises virtual machine management, Veeam now includes physical server agents for Windows, along with backup support for AWS virtual machines. Even more impressive is the integration Veeam has done with Microsoft, with availability services for Office 365, including upcoming support for OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint. Veeam also demonstrated Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure, a very impressive, free-to-use solution to create a software-defined VPN connection from on-premises data centers to Microsoft Azure, leveraging Veeam Direct Restore and redirected networking to restore on-premises services into Azure without pre-positioning.

It's great to see Veeam leading the availability space into the digital life age. This is a shift that IT itself is making, moving from a cost center that is expected not to fail to a partner that enables that business. This is the digital transformation that IT is making and vendors in all aspects of the IT industry need to start making like Veeam.

Topics: ESG on Location Cloud Services & Orchestration