Back in the Saddle Again

man_on_horseback.jpgAs the Aerosmith song goes (and to be fair, Gene Autry as well), I am back in the saddle again, the analyst saddle, that is. After a three-year adventure with a PE-backed company selling test solutions and service assurance software to enterprise and global telecommunication providers, I have returned to ESG. I would like to say that now I am older, wiser, and a lot smarter--however, what I can say for sure is that I am older, heavier, and balder! Other than becoming a cliché (old, fat, bald guy), I did have a lot of great experiences over the last few years and got to work with some great co-workers and customers. In my previous jobs, I have worked for privately owned companies based in the US and Japan, as well as VC-backed startups through their ups and downs, and I wanted to gain some experience at a PE-backed company to add to my list.  

ESG has always been good about pulling people from industry (vendor or practitioner) to work with its clients. Why is that important? Well, because it enables us to better understand and empathize with real world environments and challenges. After running product management again, it brings to light all those times where I wish I had more research about the market. Sure, you can always go talk to your customers about what they are doing and want, but what about all those customers who purchased from your competitors--do you know which ones are the leaders or laggards? All of this was data our team wished we had but usually couldn’t find. For end-users, being able to understand and learn from those early adopters is critical to accelerating adoption for the rest of the field. From a marketing perspective, our team was very busy building a more interactive and responsive website that provided real value to our customers. We were intent on providing content that helped our customers skate to where the puck was going to be, not where it was that day. Being a market leader in our space meant it was incumbent upon us to help educate and drive the market forward. That included not just written documents, but insights, videos, infographics etc., that would provide value to our customers.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my career and re-engaging with so many of those very bright and talented IT professionals I was working with three years ago. Also, I am very lucky to be working with the rest of the ESG Analyst team,  and specifically ESG’s network and cloud platform guru, Dan Conde. We are excited about the possibilities to expand our coverage area and work with even more great IT professionals.

We already have some new research coming out and we look forward to sharing that with many of you in the next few months, but more on that in my next blog.
Topics: Networking