Backup AND RECOVERY for the Little Guy

Let’s face it, tools for backing up your data have become ubiquitous. Everyone can do it. It provides peace of mind, especially for small businesses (think law or a doctor’s office) who don’t have IT pros on staff. “All my data is backed up somewhere so if something bad happens, I’m covered.” Unfortunately backup is only a piece of the data protection puzzle. How do you get the backed up data back into production if something goes wrong? How long will it take to get up and running again? And the killer question: How will it impact my small business if it takes a long time to recover? Recovery is just as important as backup, and probably MORE important.

Dell is concentrating on just that for small businesses. It’s not just about backup. It’s about guaranteeing application uptime through various recovery options. And replication for disaster recovery. And archiving to the cloud. And keeping costs down. And making it dead simple for anybody to set up and manage a data protection solution. The Dell DL1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance is designed for smaller organizations to address their data protection concerns. It has a compact, lightweight design, runs quietly, cools easily, and won’t consume lots of power. And it comes packaged with Dell AppAssure software, which provides protection for local servers through incremental snapshotting.


ESG Lab recently spent time with the DL1000 team to complete a hands-on validation of the new appliance. With plug-and-play capabilities that enable fast deployment, the Dell DL1000 appliance easily integrates into an IT infrastructure to begin protecting data. The incremental snapshot capabilities create multiple restore points over time, which help reduce backup windows and minimize infrastructure disruption. Multiple recovery options allow organizations to recover a single file, full volume, and even a full appliance. In case of a disaster, virtual standby can step in to take the place of a local application server that has gone down, while built-in replication provides appliance-level disaster recovery to a remote site.

Check out the full report for all the details!

Topics: Data Protection ESG Validation Services