Looking forward to Cisco Live - Listen to many, speak to a few


I will be visiting Cisco Live in sunny and dry San Diego next week. Cisco has recently announced that Chuck Robbins will succeed John Chambers as CEO along with some additional changes in the executive ranks. I wonder what else will be in store...

I look forward to hearing more about network automation. Not only will Cisco be talking about ACI, but partners may exhibit and discuss how they will integrate with ACI and provide their own automation solutions. I'm curious to see what Cisco ACI ecosystem partners such as A10, Avi Networks, Citrix, F5, NetScout, or Splunk may have to offer. These solutions will help customers decrease OpEx and increase agility by enabling many manually performed tasks to be done intelligently and with less human intervention.

I also expect to hear more about the Internet of Everything. Is it creeping up on us slowly, or is it still far off on the horizon? In either case, how does this affect the networking requirements on the edge or in the core?

Cisco recently announced that Internet traffic will exceed 1 zettabyte (1,000 exabytes) by the end of 2016. Much of this is driven by video and I’d like to know how the changing mix of data types would affect the design of the overall infrastructure.

Wireless and mobile access will continue its relentless march, and is affecting campus networking, security, and the carriers who supply mobile networking. This trend will undoubtedly affect products and architectures across the board, starting at the access points and influencing the links all the way to the data center and into the Internet as well.

Network security will be top of mind, as ESG’s research has shown that cybersecurity skills shortages will be a big problem in 2015, and information security has been the top “problematic shortage of existing IT skills” category for 4 years in a row. (Do we have anyone guessing if it will be for 6 straight years?) Is this an issue to be dealt with via education, training, technology, or all of the above?

Cloud computing, in addition to networking, may be a big topic, especially with Cisco's acquisition of Piston Cloud Computing, its earlier acquisition of Metacloud, and of course, its Intercloud offering.

Cisco will certainly steal the show next week, but other traditional networking vendors will continue to promote similar themes of network automation, cloud computing (OpenStack), Internet of Things, and mobility.

I’ll listen to what many have to say and if you’re going, I hope to see you there. 

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