Big Data 2015 Predictions: Right So Far!

At the start of the year, about 6 weeks way back, I made a number of predictions about the big data, business intelligence, and analytics market. See my previous posts herehere, and hereWhile it may seem early to measure the results for the current year, from this collection of recent vendor announcements it sure looks like the accuracy will be proven out! 


1. More real-time analytics

2. More machine learning

3. More diversity of deployment models

4. More consolidation of vendors

5. More end to end solutions

Interana gets $20m Series B to expand

6. More 3rd party experts 

Crickets. Ok, well, this is still desperately needed. At some point, vendors will figure out a channel strategy for big data. ESG is now tackling this topic with strategic partner development consulting via our own Kevin Rhone.

7. More vertical and line of business apps

8. More penetration in the the SMB space

9. More governance and privacy


Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI