Big Data Analytics Platforms MLR

Think of the transformation in the data analytics market in the last 12-18 months--especially when the data set we are talking about is big, really big. If you were remotely responsible for business intelligence or data warehousing, now all of a sudden, you may be considering changing your title to data architect or even better, data scientist, to market that skill that every enterprise is coveting.

Look at the feeding frenzy of analytical database companies that took place - Greenplum & EMC, Vertica & HP, Teradata & Aster - to name a few. Then look at the market hype around Hadoop - partnerships such as Cloudera & Dell, EMC and MapR, and most recently, Cloudera & Oracle, and the founding of HortonWorks. With all of this activity, confusion abounds. What really is Big Data? And what does it mean to your analytics projects?

In a recently published ESG Market Landscape Report, Big Data Analytics Platforms (available to ESG subscription clients), we take a look at the different platforms that have emerged to specifically support Big Data Analytics. More than 20 vendors with solutions in the Big Data Analytics market were interviewed. Technologies were tested in by the ESG Lab team. We spoke to many users and all of this activity culminated in a beginner's guide to how to sort through all of the Hadoopla.

With data volumes only getting bigger, deploying a Big Data Analytics Platform may be on your agenda for 2012.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI