Big Data, Database, ML and AI Spending Trends: What You Need to Know

ESG-Market-Research.pngPsst...hey buddy, are you an IT professional? Maybe interested in big data, databases, data warehouses, BI, machine learning, and AI? Planning to invest this year? Have I got a sweet deal for you! I can tell show you what your peers are planning. Top trends. Surprise insights. Hot stuff, but in the sense of interesting, not stolen. Check out this little number:


Nice, right? That is, 61% of leading-edge consumers intend to increase their spending on BI, analytics, and big data. Want to know why? I mean the real skinny on what they hope to get for their money... read the report.

Maybe you think 14% is more your style. A bit more exclusive, not for the hoi polloi. That's how many businesses believe that machine learning and AI will be among their most significant areas of investment. Actually, 14% seems pretty impressive when you consider how much they must already be spending on traditional databases, data warehouses, and BI. Now, 14% seems kinda shocking actually. To know more about it... read the report.

Whoops, are those sirens getting closer? I'm gonna just close up my briefcase and hustle into this alley. If you want to get your mitts on more insights, you know where to find me. I have a full summary on developments in the database market, and got an angle on a deep dive for machine learning and AI. Lemme know if you want in on that action, before it's too late.


Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI