Black Hat 2019 Insights: 8 Key Cybersecurity Market Observations

There was a lot to take in at Black Hat 2019 in Las Vegas. Fortunately, ESG covered a lot of ground with our expanded team of analysts. With the dust now settling from Black Hat 2019, ESG analysts share some takeaways from the event in this ESG On Location Video, including:

  1. How the event itself has changed.
  2. Security analytics and operations lessons.
  3. The emergence of elastic cloud gateways (ECGs).
  4. Securing the identity perimeter starts with basic hygiene.
  5. A holistic approach to Secure DevOps.
  6. The 5 components of XDR.
  7. New approaches to mitigating BEC attacks.
  8. The need to define MDR and clarify it as a form of a monitoring service.

It was great to see and catch up with so many friends last week. We look forward to staying in touch with key findings from ESG’s cybersecurity research projects and more.

Topics: Cybersecurity Black Hat