Wrap-Up on Backup from EMC World 2014 -- Part II, Strategy

Last week, I published wrap-up-on-backup-from-emc-world-2014/index.html" target="_blank" title="Wrap-up on Backup -- part one">a video summary of the data protection product news from EMC World 2014, with the help of some of my EMC Data Protection friends. To follow that up, I asked EMC's Rob Emsley to knit the pieces together around the Data Protection strategy from EMC:

Essentially, what I call the Data Protection Spectrum, EMC calls the Data Protection Continuum -- as an overarching perspective that combines backups, archives, snapshots, and replication (for all of which EMC has product offerings).

My thanks to Rob for his insights and to EMC for a great week.

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Video Transcript

Jason: At EMC World 2014, I had the chance to listen to lots of EMC execs talk about their vision for various parts of the company and I had a chance to visit with several of the product managers looking at data protection, coming out of 2014. So, I sat down with Rob Emsley, senior director of the data protection availability division to really put the pieces together. EMC has what it calls a Data Protection Continuum, which isn't that much different than what I call, The Data Protection Spectrum. You can check out that video on my blog as well. So, I asked Rob, "What should customers be thinking about on the wide range of technologies available, from EMC, around data protection?"

Rob: You know, we really believe that it isn't a one size fits all world that we live in. So we really have a data protection portfolio that we really think of as a data protection continuum. Providing solutions that range from long term archiving, through backup and recovery, through replication, all the way to continued availability. And it's very important for our customers to understand the different capabilities that they need to provide the different levels of protection to different environments that they have.

Jason: With so many different data protection technologies and methods available from EMC, I asked Rob, "How should customers consume that broad range of capabilities?"

Rob: Yes, certainly if you think about the backup software and the archive software is that, we introduce the concept of a data protection suite. Where we rationalize the business model across all of the products that we have and allowed customers to buy a data protection suite for backup and a data protection suite for archive but based upon front end capacity licensing.

Jason: There is a lot to learn at EMC World about data protection and the rest of the EMC portfolio and I can just imagine the IT pro leaving Las Vegas, going back to his work place and talking to his colleagues about all that he carried away. So, I asked Rob, "What's the one main thing that he hopes everyone took away from EMC World?"

Rob: Yeah. We think it's important for customers when they go back to really digest what they've learned and think about, does the environment that they have today, will it serve them adequately for the future that they need going forward and I think that we believe that the answer to that question is no. And we really do believe that as you think about the needs of the IT infrastructure in the coming years, is that it really is time for customers to reevaluate whether not the tools evolved will actually serve them you know for the infrastructures of the future.

Jason: My thanks to Rob for putting the pieces together for us and to the rest of my friends from EMC for a great week and if you haven't checked out my other video blog from EMC on the product news that came out, please watch that one as well. I'm Jason Buffington for ESG, thanks for watching.


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