Brocade: Meeting the New IP Initiative for Enterprises

I recently published a new ESG brief on Brocade's New IP Initiative. dots.jpgThe Brief is available to ESG subscription clients only, but you can find an abstract of the Brief, as well as a key takeaway, below:



Brocade announced the Open Mobility solutions program and the SDN Controller 2.0 recently, but do these announcements support their New IP initiative? They do meet the four criteria established for the initiative: openness, software-driven innovation, a user-centric ecosystem, and a customer-centric focus. Brocade can offer more clarity by tying New IP concepts closely to upcoming launches and offer transparency on how new solutions and products support this initiative. 


Brocade has demonstrated that the new products and products do meet their New IP Initiative in ways described in the brief. Continued clarity and transparency will assist customers in future purchase decisions in many ways, including interoperability and third-party support.

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