Cisco APIC-EM: a controller with app & policy support

I recently published a new ESG brief on Cisco APIC-EM. The Brief is available to ESG subscription clients only, but you can find an abstract of the Brief, as well as a key takeaway, below:



Cisco made Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) widely available in November. It's an SDN controller that supports apps that make WAN and access networks easier to deploy and manage. Cisco’s focus on a low-risk, incremental approach to adopting SDN will appeal to its user base. Cisco needs to describe the policy control capabilities benefits of APIC-EM, and to highlight its power as a platform and its ability to distinguish apps from point solution offerings from many other companies with competitive features.



Cisco understands the need for customers to gain better agility in the data center as well as in the WAN and access networks. Creating an SDN controller for WAN and access networks with a common policy framework with ACI in the data center will assist in creating an end-to-end enterprise solution that translates business policy into actual network infrastructure control. Making it a controller for supporting apps makes it a platform rather than a point solution.

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