Cisco: from CLI to cloud

Cisco cloudWith DNA, Cisco is prepping for a future where network devices can be managed from the cloud.

At last week's Cisco Live, I heard about how Cisco is working to change how network devices will be managed in the future. This will be a gradual evolution, rather than a sudden blockbuster change, but will require some adjustment for traditional networking administrators accustomed to CLI. 

Network admins are accustomed to configuring and devices one at a time and devices performed tasks locally. Of course, they have communicated with other peer networking devices using protocols such as BGP to exchange routing information, but the network has been fundamentally a distributed system of independent devices. Some centralization is possible with network automation tools that perform configuration settings on many devices, or more recently, SDN controllers such as Cisco APIC or OpenDaylight, which have started to create an architecture that coordinates a large part of the network.

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