Cisco SD-WAN Hub with Google Cloud —Simplifying Hybrid and Multi-cloud Connectivity

GettyImages-1176050900It’s not surprising that IT is getting more complicated. Digital transformation initiatives are proliferating across industries, and building out hybrid and multi-cloud environments is gaining traction. The need for speed is essential—especially when it comes to networking.

With this in mind, Cisco and Google recently announced their joint turnkey networking solution—Cisco SD-WAN Hub with Google Cloud. Google Cloud is providing hybrid and multi-cloud services, connectivity and security solutions, and Cisco SD-WAN solutions are offering single pane-of-glass SD-WAN management and secure connectivity to the cloud, streamlining operations by automating routine tasks.

This collaborative solution aims to strengthen security and lower operational expenses, while improving connectivity. Organizations can view, automate, secure and optimize their networks—from end to end—based on their application requirements. This means streamlining hybrid cloud deployments, providing secure, on-demand connectivity from DC, branch, or edge locations, to apps running in Google Cloud, other data centers, or SaaS applications.

Companies will be able to take advantage of a flexible, on-demand network that provides holistic network visibility, along with automated application and path-aware routing (e.g., less time and resources needed for onboarding new network services). And organizations can more easily manage risk and meet compliance via the solution’s application-layer security controls.

Chiefly, Cisco SD-WAN Hub with Google Cloud offers organizations the flexibility, security, and automation they require to drive operational efficiency and business agility (while enhancing the customer experience)—essentially enabling them to more easily digitally transform. Cisco and Google will be previewing the solution with select customers by year end with general availability targeted for the first half of 2021.

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