Citrix and Sapho Create Critical Conversation

conversationWhile many will focus on the technology aspect Sapho brings to Citrix, I believe this acquisition is all about owning the conversation and executing on a vision. Citrix is in the fortunate situation where it is well known and liked by its customers and partners, but a spark has been missing to take customers beyond where they are today with Citrix investments. Sapho has the potential to provide the ignition to break through application delivery challenges and connect directly into employee workflows.

The acquisition of Sapho changes the conversation with Citrix customers and partners as it tunes in Citrix as a trusted advisor, strategist, and enabler for enterprise applications. The business discussion can now extend into larger market opportunities that address the future of work, what information is most valuable to a user, productivity efficiencies, time savings, and a pleased end-user base.

Sometimes companies spend too much energy trying to organically advance technology and over engineer a complex solution to a simple problem. With Sapho, Citrix scooped up some respectable technology to solve existing business challenges and position itself right in the middle of the conversation to help improve user experience and advance how businesses maintain existing application footprints. To help ensure the success of the Sapho acquisition, Citrix should consider:

  • Demoing the technology very early in the conversation to establish the potential outcome. Afterward, Citrix can back into the underlying technology and how the workflow can be stitched together and created.
  • Create and/or expand business practices with system integrators that can build upon and adjacent to Citrix investments.
  • Be prepared to provide examples of success that demonstrate the customer value and partner opportunity in time for Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy.

This acquisition is a good example of how companies sometimes need to move the goal posts. The Sapho acquisition helps differentiate Citrix in the market landscape, and more importantly provides new opportunities and value for its customers.