Citrix CloudPlatform Delivers IT-as-a-Service

Most folks likely know of Citrix as the mobility and application delivery company, but its CloudPlatform success also deserves some attention from enterprises and service providers building out an IT-as-a-service. Citrix has, albeit rather silently, built up a rather impressive list of service providers and enterprises that have deployed CloudPlatform. These are service providers that are delivering IaaS to its customers and enterprise IT shops that are lighting up self-service for its end-users.

CloudPlatform 4.2 introduces some enhancements for both traditional workloads and cloud native workloads. These include:

  • Private cloud isolation
  • Networking integration with Cisco
  • VMware compatibility
  • Object storage
  • AWS APIs

The challenge for Citrix is now getting the word out. With so much attention being paid to OpenStack and traditional packaged virtualization from VMware, Citrix is leaning against some relatively large and noisy market dynamics. Citrix CloudPlatform is know well amongst a tight knit community of developers and open source supporters, but now they not only have to demonstrate the strength of how the company will continue to resource CloudPlatform, they need to amplify customer success and service provider activity, as well as integrate into targeted go to market initiatives.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration