Citrix Redefines Application Delivery and Security with New Service

GettyImages-1312574816Citrix recently announced a new App Delivery and Security Service to enable organizations to rapidly and securely deliver applications. This service is well timed and will help organizations that are accelerating digital transformation efforts and expanding their modern application environments in highly distributed environments.

Why is this important? With organizations under pressure to launch new products and services, they will require solutions to help them operate more efficiently, enable new applications to be deployed securely, and deliver an optimized experience. Yet, today’s highly distributed environments make that a challenging proposition. Where should an application be deployed? how should its services be configured? Will it be optimized for all users on day 1 and day 180? Too many times operations teams are left to make guesstimates about how and where to deploy, utilizing manual and time-consuming processes that have to be repeated if they didn’t get it right the first time.

That is where Citrix App Delivery and Security Service is helping to redefine the process. Based on four key tenets that include being intent-based, always learning, always adapting, and always protecting, this service ensures organization will be more:

  • Agile: Intent is converted to policy to reduce errors and accelerate rollout of new or updated applications. This ensures consistent policies and reduces errors.
  • Secure: Citrix single-pass architecture enables better performance and Citrix WAF, API, and bot management protect applications and connections.
  • Insightful: Citrix Global Server Load Balancer (GLSB) provides actionable insight with visibility across 50,000 networks, 200+ countries, and up to 10 billion data points a day to make sure applications are located where they can deliver optimized experiences. This includes when to change locations for continued optimized performances.
  • Automated: Leveraging intent-based automation, Citrix believes it can improve operational efficiencies by up to 60%. This in turn will enable new applications to be rolled out faster without manual, error prone processes and even provide self-optimization capabilities with alerting to inform operations.

The new service is available as both a Citrix Managed Service for public clouds and as a self-managed service for hybrid deployments.

As organizations transform and create highly distributed application environments, they need solutions to help them overcome the complexity and risk and ensure optimized experiences. Citrix is redefining how organizations can regain control and provide application delivery and security services that are always learning, adapting, and protecting. Its intent-based policy creation, deep visibility, and single-pass architecture ensure consistent security postures and optimized performance. The automated capabilities mean applications can be rolled out or updated faster and more securely.

To learn more about this new Citrix Service, check out the ESG White paper: Redefining Application Delivery and Security Services - Registration - Citrix.

Topics: Networking