Citrix Synergy 2014

It’s hard to attend a Citrix event and not walk away impressed by the quality of Citrix's employees, their attentiveness to customers, and the company's solid alignment of technology with current and planned market requirements. Citrix is in an interesting situation. The company seems to maintain a VERY strong association with a long history of its ability to deliver applications (think back to the days of Citrix Presentation Server) and is not receiving full credit for everything they can deliver to customers today. The market also seems to forget or neglect the fact that Citrix has been in business for 25 years and has enormous experience solving some of the toughest application delivery challenges companies have faced. Citrix has also made some solid acquisitions in these years to fill in technology gaps and capture new markets to align with corporate IT needs.

With all the progress and experience Citrix has, one may think that it is game over for any adjacent players in the market, but this is far from the case. Citrix is threatened by emerging companies with new innovative ideas as well as big IT vendors that want to capitalize on market trends centered on endpoint device proliferation, BYOD, and workspace mobility. Citrix has the opportunity to break through in a few key areas including:

  • Don’t assume the world knows. Citrix’s greatest marketing asset may be sharing the things they know well, but it falls flat when it comes to driving awareness of its success. For example, VMware sure appears to be getting a bunch of attention regarding DaaS (desktop as a service), but did you know Citrix has 1500+ CSPs who are delivering desktops and apps as a service today using Citrix product. Because these success metrics are driven through their partners, we tend never to hear about them, but this is one example of an ideal opportunity to tell the market what you think they may already know. Chances are they don’t and will likely be impressed.
  • Bounce outside the “nice guy” comfort zone. I understand this bumps into some fantastic internal culture that Citrix has created that center around doing what is right for the customer and go to market partners, but there is an opportunity in pockets of the business to compete much more aggressively than they do today. Some of Citrix’s adjacent market players get way too much credit and therefore attention in the market for something Citrix has superior experience and expertise with. Citric can work with some of it biggest partners here. For example Citrix teamed up with Microsoft to deliver Workspace Servers. This is a great opportunity to mow over the competition with a common go to market strategy and competitive stance that will capture the attention of many of the market followers.

These two relatively simple to address areas could be game changing for Citrix. More people would tune in and take Citrix as a more serious market player than they already are and view them as company with crucial pieces to solve workspace delivery, mobile, data, social, and cloud computing challenges.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration