Citrix Synergy 2018: What’s in Store?

Citrix Synergy is an event fueled by the inspiring stories about how businesses are helping redefine how people work in today’s dynamic business environment. I see the event as an opportunity for companies to learn how they can reshape existing business processes, and adapt to new employee and customer workstyles. In addition to the event, I’m fascinated by the new challenges that IT and information security professionals have in front of them as they strive to embrace new experiences, while protecting an unpredictable IT environment littered with potential threats.

Citrix isn’t new to this game. They’ve been helping solve the secure delivery of applications and data to users for over 20 years. What is new, though, is the pace of change in the market. For example, ESG recently asked businesses about digital transformation initiatives that include the adoption of fundamentally new strategies and business models, which take advantage of innovations in digital technologies. What we discovered was that businesses are at different phases of maturity, with 13% of them already claiming a mature hold on digital transformation. This is an ideal time in the market for Citrix to inspire conversations with customers and help them execute digital transformation strategies.


I am expecting Citrix Synergy 2018 to not only share inspirational stories, but to also look at additional insights in the following areas:

  • The reality of customer hybrid cloud strategies, and the portability between existing Citrix investments extended to cloud consumption models.
  • Security, and the challenge customers are encountering while trying to protect the expanding attack perimeter.
  • Unified endpoint management that manages access and policies across devices, operating systems, applications, and networks.

Citrix Synergy 2018 will give attendees the opportunity to see Citrix CEO, David Henshall, up on the keynote stage. David is a long-time Citrix leader who has experienced multiple facets of the company during his tenure, and this venue provides him with the perfect forum to share new ideas and build upon past Synergy events.

The market is becoming scattered with tools and platforms, so much so that it can be difficult for the customer to distinguish what is real now, versus what is visionary. Citrix Synergy is an event that can help clarify what’s available today, as opposed to focusing on long-ranging visions that may only have availability in the next 12–36 months.

There is a fine balance between driving customers forward, and then actually helping them implement solutions available today. Citrix can help cut through some of the market FUD, while sharing a simple-to-understand, how-to approach with attendees. This allows attendees to walk away not only inspired but with a practical checklist of items to share with their organizations—enabling them to move forward with prospective company initiatives.

As you might be able to tell, I’m really looking forward to Synergy 2018, and I'm excited to speak with the IT vendor ecosystem, attendees, and friends. See you there!

Topics: ESG on Location