Video: Impact of Cloud Computing on the Network


ESG conducted research on the cloud’s impact on network infrastructure, strategy, and support teams by surveying 300 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing networking technologies

We found out that 3 in 4 organizations are actively using a public cloud service today. So what are the IT initiatives that impact infrastructure spending? Obviously, the most important part is about using public cloud computing services , but also interesting is that data center interconnects between on-premises, colocation, and cloud environments are important. Other important issues include cloud security and connectivity to the public cloud, including WAN links used in remote offices.

This means that cloud is not a detached environment where it is isolated and does not affect traditional networking. Instead, we need to connect and operate with the cloud, and we need to find a way to integrate with it.

Watch the video for more details. 

Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration