Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 1



In this video, I interview Edwin Yuen and Terri McClure on their thoughts on cloud computing for 2017.

Edwin covers systems management - including on-premises and on public clouds.

Terri covers cloud infrastructure – including converged and hyperconverged systems.

If you are wondering about these burning questions, our experts proffer their opinions.



  • Systems Management: What will be the positioning between the traditional system management vendors and cloud born vendors? Or can any company meet the needs of managing both traditional apps and the new approaches -- and provide a full solution? Watch Edwin give his answer on whether convergence can exist!
  • Hyperconvergence: Is there a tension between public cloud and hyperconverged systems? Is this a zero-sum game, or will hybrid approaches win over? Battle or peace? Terri shares her views!

Watch the video for more of our thoughts on cloud computing in 2017.

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Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration