Cloud Washes Whiter! Is Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!….and now Solves Crime!

We are bombarded daily with the ‘magic’ of the panacea that is ‘The Cloud’ and all the great things it can apparently bestow upon humanity. It has become an entity in-and-of itself, rather than what it really is, which is an approach to some mixture of IT elements. Don’t take me as a cynic here - I certainly don’t want to come across as a naysayer regarding something that clearly has (and is already delivering) great business and social potential. Nonetheless, you have to keep a sense of humor as well as wonder, as this phenomenon sweeps the connected world….and so I was pleased, and wryly smiled, as I read the following in a recent edition of the “The Week” magazine. It deserves repeating:

“A woman whose phone went missing on a Disney cruise was able to identify the alleged thief after he took photos of himself and his friends, little realizing that they would be sent straight to her account on the iCloud web storage system. From the pictures Kate McCaffrey worked out that her phone was being used by someone called Nelson (he was wearing a name badge) and that he was a crew member on board. She got in touch with Disney, then posted his photos online. “This is Nelson,” she wrote under them. “Nelson has stolen my iPhone….And here’s a beautiful sunset that Nelson had time to capture, all on my stolen iPhone.”

Brilliant eh!? (well, most parts of the story, but not Nelson of course!)

A normal, more serious service will be resumed in my next Blog!

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