Cloudera's Enterprise Data Hub Mission

Continuing on the thoughts from my hadoop-and-geopolitical-conquest/index.html" target="_blank">earlier post on technology battle strategies, the Hadoop distribution market place continues to be actively contested, and prospects are often asking which makes the most sense for their environments. While all based on the same open source Apache project, there are in fact meaningful differences in approach, not all of which are purely technical. A couple of leaders are emerging with a bigger vision of the future of big data.

Cloudera is very well positioned in the big data marketplace, and its Enterprise Data Hub should find many willing customers. Its well-rounded portfolio of products will meet a wide range of common challenges and requirements in building a central platform for data initiatives, particularly different flavors of batch and real-time analytics, but it should also potentially expand to more often support transaction processing, archival, and other use cases still being invented.

No one company will control 100% of its customer’s data infrastructure, but Cloudera offers a compelling focal point for diverse alliances and channel partnerships, not just uni-directionally, but even with webs of complementary and congruent offerings. With recent funding coming online, Cloudera also has the resources to not just compete, but possibly reshape the whole conversation about big data. The company has earned a seat at the big poker game—now it’s really up to execution on these table-stakes to win over the rapidly evolving market. Cloudera is a strong bet.

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Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI