Commvault Announces New Offerings at Commvault GO 2018

IMG_2748Commvault GO 2018 started with a bang yesterday with some important portfolio and partnership announcements. Stay tuned for video coverage of this great event in Nashville, TN.  

The HPE Partnership expands with the full integration between Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software and HPE StoreOnce systems, including integration with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst. This joint solution allows Commvault to manage the full lifecycle of data management operations for HPE StoreOnce systems. StoreOnce Catalyst can be easily configured using the Commvault user interface with just a few clicks. Once enabled, Commvault manages the backups and the movement of data for HPE StoreOnce systems the same way it does for any other Commvault client. Based on the level of integration, no additional client configurations are required. Users can also move backup data natively, reliably, and cost-effectively to the public, private, or hybrid cloud. This capability is delivered by HPE Cloud Bank Storage, a feature that is scheduled to be supported by an upcoming HPE software release in November of this year.

In other alliance news, Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery software is now available for purchase directly from NetApp and NetApp channel partners. 

Commvault also announced Command Center which is a modern enterprise software interface and is becoming the single customer engagement console across Commvault’s full solutions portfolio. In the company's view, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze and automate tasks is required to manage data operations.

The company also announced the Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery as-a-Service (B&RaaS) portfolio. This new portfolio leverages Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery to offer the solution in "as-a-service" packages. The portfolio includes three new cloud-based services – Commvault Complete B&RaaS, Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Virtual Machines (VMs), and Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Native Cloud Applications 

The appliance portfolio also gets expanded with both smaller and larger capacity appliances. The new larger capacity appliance provides integrated scale-out data protection with Commvault HyperScale Technology together with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery. The new smaller capacity appliance delivers an integrated remote office solution to simplify remote office management as a part of a centralized hybrid IT strategy built from the larger Commvault HyperScale Appliances. The new Commvault HyperScale Appliance (model HS3300) offers enterprises between 174 to 262 terabytes (TB) of usable capacity in a fully converged appliance that tightly integrates server, storage and Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery. The company also introduced the Commvault Remote Office Appliance with 5 or 15 TB of usable capacity. 

Commvault also reminded us of some significant changes to its pricing and ordering process as it evolves its operating model by placing a significant amount of focus on its partner ecosystem.  

With these announcements at the event, Commvault is demonstrating its commitment to change "legacy" perceptions in the market and to aggressively compete with a re-invigorated indirect channel and alliances. In my opinion, the new reality set by the recent portfolio enhancements is clear evidence that the company is focused on meeting growing customer and market needs today as it needs to fend off aggressive competition. 

The B&RaaS additions close an obvious gap in the portfolio and now offer new opportunities to better serve "hybrid" customers and work with partners. Expanding the appliance portfolio with a complete and more "enterprise" lineup should help in both competitive and greenfield scenarios. The addition of the ROBO model will be a great fit for decentralized enterprises with many satellite offices. The HPE integration with StoreOnce  demonstrates the integration capabilities of both architectures and offers a new solution to many customers struggling with secondary data management on-premises and in the cloud. 

More importantly in my opinion, Commvault is banking on the future of data protection/data management with AI. Our research confirms that AI and cybercrime will be key "disruptors" in the next few years in the space of data protection. The Command Center interface introduces an appealing set of KPI-focused dashboards for recovery, operations, storage, appliances and AI-based capabilities for autonomous operations, recovery readiness, cloud migration, etc. 

It's not day-to-day backup anymore but business outcomes that Commvault wants to help their customers drive. It's not about "dumb" backup to block storage on-premises, but about understanding the data and using it for IT or business purposes, like storage optimization, or compliance, on-premises or in the cloud(s). I expect Commvault to keep telling this "value" story moving forward.  

Execution in the channel, growing the ecosystem, and continued improvements to the portfolio such as what we've just seen are going to be critical to give full momentum to Commvault's market perception efforts and success.   

Check out this ESG On Location video for more insights on the event: 

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