Counter Service or Drive-Thru Storage?

OK, well the title might be something of an exaggeration today, but I think we can all see the writing on the wall in terms of changes to the way that storage ‘gets done.' This is not an immediate change, for sure, but the green shoots of the change are evident even now in many of the start-up vendors and all the inference (if not yet all the direct talk) of software-defined storage/networking/insert-your-favorite-IT-resource-here.

Anyhow, as with many of my ESG colleagues, I have multiple outlets for my thoughts and ramblings; sometimes you realize you’ve hit a nerve – and it’s as a result of the volume of commentary on a piece. Ironically, it’s not the extent of public comments that are tell-tale but rather it is the private e-mails and calls that alert me to the fact that something was of genuine interest. And that’s why I am providing this link (with permission) to a piece I wrote for Information Week recently called “The Future Data Center Comes with Fries.” It starts like this: “The enterprise datacenter is moving toward a bundled, integrated, pre-configured, standards-based model. Soon you may order one up as easily as a laptop or a Happy Meal.” Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – either way, keep those cards and letters coming…!

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure