Crime Fighting, Protecting the Innocent, and Stopping the Embarrassment of Modern Email Attacks

Gruber-ArmorbloxIntroducing ESG’s Modern Email Security Video Series

As part of my ongoing research around modern email security, I am shooting a series of video interviews with leaders from several email security solution providers, talking about the current email threat landscape and strategies to defend against them. My goal is to make these educational, explaining what’s happening on both the attacker side and the defender side.

I’ll be talking with a variety of industry experts from very small security companies to the largest of email security providers, covering specific defensive techniques to broad, cross-vector strategies that include email security. Most of these will be shot in our ESG Studios, but I may end up with a few shot on location in my travels.

Leading off the series, I’m talking with DJ Sampath, founder of Armorblox Security. Armorblox has built a natural language understanding platform that can be used to help organizations fight business email compromise (BEC), among other email-related threats. DJ explains the challenges associated with stopping business email compromise, introduces natural language processing (NLP), and talks about how Armorblox has applied NLP to stop BEC attacks. We shot this one in two five-minute increments, so please enjoy the series. This is the first of many to come!!

Part 1 with DJ Sampath from Armorblox



Part 2 with DJ Sampath from Armorblox



Topics: Cybersecurity