Cybersecurity Services Discussions

GettyImages-1015921882In the digital era, the enterprise has a new range of cybersecurity services to consider from cloud-hosted to SaaS-based SOC services, migration to DevSecOps in software development lifecycle (SDLC), and automated detection and response in managed detection and response (MDR) services. In a series of videos with industry leaders, I drill into these emerging areas of security services as well as the old tried and true segments that continue to burgeon like managed security services (MSS) and advisory services for strategy planning and policy development.

Join me and my guests as we seek answers to service riddles like what is the difference between SOCaaS, MSS, and MDR (see my video with Dave Gruber) and how do industry veterans like Jon Ramsey (CTO Secureworks) define automated security I am very grateful to my ESG colleagues and guests from across the industry for educating me on their particular topics of interest. I hope you enjoy the conversations!

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