Cybersecurity Services Discussions: Automated Security Video with Secureworks (Part 1)

I recently caught up with Jon Ramsey, CTO of Secureworks, to chat about automated security. I asked Jon what he believes automated security is.

We’ll never outpace and outmaneuver the adversary with security the way it is today, according to Jon. The bad actors are using machine learning and automation to launch and perpetuate attacks. We simply do not have the human capital to combat the leverage that machines have. Throwing software capabilities into detection and response can help the good guys keep up.

Jon educates me that we can accelerate the network effect with software-defined, -driven, and -derived security and describes the first two stages of this progression in Part 1 of our chat. Additionally, in this segment and in Part 2 of our discussion, Jon and I talk about what is real today in automated security and what the future holds in this emerging area of the market.

Many thanks to Jon Ramsey and Secureworks for participating in the ESG automated security video series. Look for more videos soon!

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