Data Protection Landscape 2018 - Major Disrupting Trends (Video)

Bertrand_DisruptiveWe recently conducted our 2018 Data Protection Landscape Survey and uncovered some very interesting trends. In our series of video blogs on the research, we will cover several facets of the ever-changing landscape of data protection. We surveyed over 300 respondents in various market segments based on company size, allowing us to delve deeper into midmarket or enterprise trends, for example, or by company revenue bracket. We also identified not only the age of the organization, but the age of respondents. These demographic data points can be useful in further understanding the market. If you are a subscriber to ESG data protection research, please check out the 2018 Data Protection Landscape Master Survey Results.

Today, I would like to spend a few minutes to discuss the future – or more precisely what organizations see as the major trends disrupting data protection over the next 3 years.

Topics: Data Protection