Defining a Cybersecurity Platform

enterprise-cyber-platforms-vidAmidst the backdrop of a stated intent to relieve cybersecurity point tool fatigue by consolidating vendors, there is a lot of discussion, and confusion, around cybersecurity platforms. We’ve seen this before in both cybersecurity and other IT domains as products become features and products get aggregated into suites delivered on a platform comprised of a set of shared services.

The increasingly prevalent positioning of the cybersecurity solution as a platform by many vendors begs for a definition of and set of requirements for cybersecurity platforms. In this video, my colleague Jon Oltsik and I share recently completed ESG research on this very topic in which we discuss:

  • Whether customers feel they have been given a clear definition of a cybersecurity platform from vendors.
  • How customers define, at a high-level, a cybersecurity platform.
  • ESG’s definition of a cybersecurity platform and how participants in this research prioritized the attributes of a cybersecurity platform.

This research was part of ESG’s second annual enterprise-class cybersecurity vendor and platform study, which also explored customer sentiment on the cybersecurity capabilities of hyperscale CSPs. Given the starring role platforms, and cloud security, have in today’s cybersecurity narrative, we look forward to sharing this year’s findings and staying close to these topics in 2019. Thanks for watching!

Topics: Cybersecurity