Dell Acquires Wyse: The Software Company

Wyse??? I thought they made AS400 dump terminals.!?!?!

Dell's intent to acquire Wyse has the potential to be a great investment for Dell. I have watched Wyse over the last 5 years make an impressive showing at end-user events and it's a rare conversation I have with a customer who deploys thin clients and doesn't make mention of Wyse. Desktop virtualization, primarily VDI driven by market leaders Citrix and VMware, has created a nice swell for Wyse to surf. Wyse has done a great job working with both Citrix and VMware to build and manufacture thin clients and zero clients for each of the company's solutions, but never crossed the line of supporting one company over the other.

Wyse and thin clients, I think everyone gets that, but Wyse also has some pretty impressive software offerings. Although these are less known in the market, they may prove to be the most valuable to Dell. Wyse has technology to deliver desktops, light up mobile device productivity in a business environment, and provide platform management solutions. I trust Dell will quickly integrate Wyse thin clients into its product portfolio, but the more interesting and more important factor to monitor is how Dell embraces the software innovation from Wyse and creates a delivery platform across multiple device types and various application delivery models. Then of course Dell will have to show us how they plan to execute on this vision and strategy.

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