Dell Desktops

With VMworld 2012 right around the corner there are numerous announcements flooding the market. One of the more interesting ones to track is what Dell is doing with desktop delivery. It has obviously invested a decent amount of change here with the acquisition of Wyse and Quest Software and is starting to line things up for its customers. I think Dell is an underrated performer in this space. The market focus seems to always be on VMware, Cirtrix, and Microsoft, but I think Dell has more than one trick up its sleeve. Dell hardware, which includes Wyse endpoint, EqualLogic storage, and its server line, is just part of the story and perhaps the least important. There is still a software side of the story with IP from Quest Software and Wyse that has yet to be integrated into its offerings. When it does, be sure that it will light up the market and customers should see great benefit from it.

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