Dell EMC: IT Transformation Is About Attitude as Well as Aptitude

conference-start.jpgSince I recently blogged about what I expect to find/check out at Dell EMC World in Vegas, I have had a large number of requests for more explanation about a particular reference I made. While the full blog is here, the section that caused the questions, and thus this extra blog post, was this:

I expect Dell EMC will talk a lot about a hybrid world (everyone does these days, or else they are trying to defy gravity) but will do so from the perspective of “transformation”…this is borne of logic but also from knowing (a) that ESG just completed work with Dell EMC on just this topic—how to measure, evaluate, drive, and achieve “IT Transformation Maturity”—and (b) the fact that Digital/IT Transformation is all over the event website.

Now, of course I would love you to read the entire blog, if only to enjoy that fact that for once I was able to get away with a decent pun in the title! (SEO usually precludes that!) But let me explain what I was referring to – and, more importantly, why it matters. Aside from explaining my reference, I’m also doing this because the ramifications extend beyond Dell EMC, albeit (as often) it is doing a good job of leading a charge.

Dell EMC recently published a significant body of work around the topic of IT Transformation; and this is well known to be a central theme of its event in Vegas next week…as well as, no doubt, for a good while beyond. In order to give the topic (and aim) of IT Transformation “credibility-teeth,” “measurable-value,” and “actionable-improvement-steps,” Dell EMC worked with ESG to produce a Maturity Model for it. Basically it’s designed to measure and evaluate how the extent of adoption of three key overall elements (contemporary IT infrastructure and data centers, modern IT processes, and a focus on aligning the business and IT) quantifiably contributes to an organization’s operational, financial, and business success. To get a flavor of what this looks like – something of a “Cliff Notes” peek into the insights that can be gleaned – you can take a look at an interactive web tool here. It would be churlish to suggest anything other than that Dell EMC hopes to help its own business as a result of this. But if that were all I would not be writing this blog; the insights of the tool (and underlying model and research) do not print out Dell EMC POs – it provides analysis of where individual organizations are on the path to IT Transformation, together with recommendations on how they can increase their maturity in this endeavor. And that is generically and generally useful stuff. 

 So, why does this matter overall? Well there are two answers:

  • The first is the easy and obvious one from an end-user perspective: the research shows categorically that improving IT Transformation can improve business results. That will be reassuring and/or cathartic to some in IT…and will give inspiration and aid in justifications for many more.
  • The second note is more for the vendor community; this comment applies broadly but here I am applying it to Dell EMC since their work with us motivated this blog. The IT Transformation tune that Dell EMC is going to be marching to (and the model ESG produced that is a part of the effort) is plainly showing something; It is Dell EMC’s recognition of, and reaction to, the fact that if it continues “ad infinitum” to use the same selling motion to the same people promising similar impacts to the last few decades, then that is a losing proposition; maybe not tomorrow but eventually. And this point applies across the IT infrastructure/ecosystem universe as a whole.

To give Dell EMC its due, it has always had an ability to change – and to be out in front of big industry shifts – as a core competency. Here it is shining a light on what all IT users and vendors need to increasingly embrace – transforming the way we do this “IT stuff” to be ever-better aligned with and integral to organizational success.

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