Dell EMC Partner Summit - Excitement…New Benefits… and a Little Transformation Math!

calculator_spreadsheet.jpgWe came into Dell EMC World Partner Summit expecting a healthy dose of enthusiasm and energy, as personified by Scotsman and President, Global Channels John Byrne and his goal of becoming the #1 Channel company in IT. Well, that was delivered in spades, or should I say kilts, on the opening day of Dell EMC World in Las Vegas, when Partner Summit kicked off with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the most rock-and-rolling bagpipers this side of the Atlantic.

90 Days Later – the New Dell EMC Partner Program is firmly in place

After getting the crowd of about 1,000 top Dell EMC Partners from around the world up on their feet and ready, John first recapped the highlights of the first 90 days of the new, combined Dell EMC Partner Program, brought together under the binding premise of “Simple. Predictable. Profitable” in order to drive growth, profitability, and deeper ongoing customer relationships through the Channel.

Dell EMC Partners that I spoke to at the event are now comfortable with the new program and are able to take advantage of the set of benefits, such as the common program structure, comprehensive portal, simplified training, and improved partner/field engagement. Of course, wrapping in a nice package of incentives that work together to reward growth, new business, and services selling doesn’t hurt either.

But wait… there’s more!

Not content to stand pat, new updates were announced on the GPS main stage – What I like (and what partners like too) is that these take cost and friction out of partner selling motions, and add more predictability to make account ‘pursuit’ fun for the entire family! Predictable account ownership and new product offerings now include:

  • Infrastructure incumbency now for the full range of storage, server, and networking products
  • Client incumbency for commercial covers new customers or re-invigorated inactive accounts
  • Virtustream is immediately included into the program - sell cloud consumption and earn front-end margin, tier-based credits, and enjoy rebate eligibility on par with the rest of the suite
  • Flexible consumption models have been added for VxRail and XC Series, with Flex On-Demand available across all storage platforms. Again, these qualify for profit-share, earning tier credits, and enjoying incumbency for commercial accounts

OK, so what about the Math Lesson?

One of the key messages throughout Dell EMC World was the power of Digital Transformation. Dave Goulden, in his keynote talk, cited a great piece of work my colleagues on the ESG research team did to uncover the role IT Maturity Transformation plays in enabling companies to enact Digital Transformation in their businesses and realize the wide range of benefits it brings, such as increased IT agility, better IT spending efficiency, and high internal stakeholder satisfaction levels.


‘If a=b and b=c, then a=c’

In Mathematics, the Transitive Property of Equality states that ‘If a=b and b=c, then a=c’. This doesn’t apply in every case of course… we all know that in sports if Team A defeated Team B, and Team B defeated Team C, you can’t automatically assume that Team A will defeat team C, right?

But after hearing the consistent message from Dell EMC about the need, and inevitability of Digital Transformation being driven by senior execs at end customers, it is apparent that there is a version of the Transitive Property that must be applied to the Channel. It goes something like this:

  If: Customer Digital Transformation requires Customer IT Transformation (a=b)

  And: Customer IT Transformation requires Partner-led Solutions leveraging Vendor offerings (b=c)

so … by the new ‘Transitive Rule of the Channel’ (OK - just made that up)

  Then: Customer Digital Transformation = Partner Business Transformation (Business Outcomes) (a=c)

By the ‘new’ ‘Transitive Rule of the Channel BOTH IT Partners and Vendors have a shared need to transform their businesses in order to develop, sell, and support integrated solutions (business outcomes) that shorten and smooth the on-ramp for Customers looking to make the Digital Transformation trip.

At Dell EMC World, in a call to action to Partners, the company spoke directly about plans for simplifying training, focusing on solutions and services development, and providing more resources to support Digital Transformation initiatives in the field. This is a good start. If Dell EMC Partners match this proactivity, investing with their own commitment to selling and delivering consultatively and ‘up the stack,' they will be able to capture more sales of complete solutions and drive strong top and bottom lines.

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