Dell EMC World 2016 Wrap-up

In this ESG Video Capsule, I discuss my impressions from Dell EMC World 2016.

Video Transcript

Hi there. Last year at this time, I went to Dell World, the first one since Dell became private. And one of the observations I had then was that, boy, everybody seem much happier not having to deal with the shackles that Wall Street had placed on them. Being free, if you will, to make better choices for themselves and better choices for their customers, and not having to live in a 90-day cycle was uplifting.

This year, it was Dell EMC World for the first time ever, and I saw the exact same thing, only more magnified because now Hopkinton folks were experiencing for the first time the same things. They didn't have to be encumbered by Wall Street, they don't have to worry about 90 days, they can do the right things for the customers, for themselves, etc. To a person, it was a very positive vibe. All of the senior EMC executives that I'd known for a lot of years, all had a lift in their step, if you will, or the smile on their face. People seemed to genuinely be enjoying this transaction, at least so far.

Sure, there''s inevitable that some things are gonna get mushy or confused along the way, but probably not that much. The deal has been unbelievably smooth, probably the fastest big mega deal like this that's ever been done, quite frankly. And the fact that there's been no fallout really at the senior ranks is pretty astounding. And it's not just because money is flowing around, it's because there's something to this. And it seemed like that. It seemed like customers were generally upbeat, channels seemed genuinely upbeat, the product people and the announcements that were happening there were all very positive. So it'll be interesting to watch what happens over the next six months now that this deal has gone through in record time. Let's just see how they execute now but all in all in the early goings, it's all been nothing but positive. Thanks.

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