Dell EMC World – ESG’s On Location Video Insights

Dell-EMC-World-2017.jpgWhile Dell EMC was busy in Vegas last week talking about Digital Transformation (of organizations) and the IT Transformation (of, duh, IT) that underpins it, many of us were equally interested to see what had, and is, transformed within Dell EMC itself…..the portfolio, the approach, and people’s attitudes (both employees and customers).

I’ll keep this brief because the video we made at the event is a full 7 minutes – but, knowing that in advance, hopefully you’ll find it a valuable 7 minutes as you’ll get succinct insights from not just me but also four of my colleagues - Jason Buffington (on DP), Scott Sinclair (on storage platforms), Terri McClure (on converged platforms), and Kevin Rhone (for the channel perspective).  

As Dell EMC is now such a huge and broad IT systems vendor, it is natural that some of the “big tent” sessions become a little bit of a list, and – frankly – no one can cover everything in depth. Our aim is therefore to give some succinct-but-valuable insights for the key [cloud-extended] data center trends, needs, and offerings that we follow closely; hence, our video. That said, if there was one thing in abundant supply in Vegas it was catchy one-liners, and just a few of those give great insights to some key points that Dell EMC would like everyone to take from the event. A representative from Boeing talked about transformation as a whole as “raising the digital IQ” of its workforce, which seemed very apropos to me. And from Michael Dell we had a few key phrases (repeated by many others, and on banners, lest we forget) – including that the aim of the combined organization is “number one in everything, all in one place”; while in the data center market, “cloud is not a place, but a way to do IT."

So now you know! Check out more from me and my colleagues here -- and even more coming soon....

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