Dell Networking - providing choice

I have written an ESG brief on Dell Networking. ThinkstockPhotos-155465538The brief is available to ESG subscription clients only, but I have summarized a few points below.

  • Dell introduced new campus and data center networking solutions. These are the C9010 networking director, C1048P rapid access node (a port extender), and the S6100-ON (open networking) switch. These announcements are consistent with Dell's philosophy of being open and providing choice: 
    • The campus director and port extender provide a choice of deployment configurations so the director can work with existing switches or with the new port extenders for additional capability for unified management of all ports.
    • The open networking switch provides a choice of network operating systems from Dell's partners or Dell Networking OS9. This switch is an example of a branded white box switch.
  • The campus switch offers density and performance that makes it future-ready for the demands placed on campus infrastructure by the increasing number of mobile devices connected by faster Wi-Fi access points.
  • The data center switch strategy is consistent with a recent ESG survey, which states that for white box switching, freedom of choice is just as important as CapEx and OpEx in driving interest.
  • Choice offers a way to deploy solutions that are ready for the future, but customers ought to request guidance on choosing the right path for their needs. Choice offers freedom, but also can be confusing if there isn't a set of suggestions for how to make the choice.

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