Dell Tech World - an ESG Conversation (Video)

Peters-Dell-Tech-WorldIt bears repeating that events like Dell Technologies World cover way too much ground to ever cover everything in a brief post. So we won't try! Instead, my ESG colleagues and myself are talking the "bite-sized-chunks" approach, dipping into various topics in reports, blogs, and videos as appropriate. One of the biggest announcements at this year's digital event ("big" as in likely impact rather than elapsed time on the virtual "stage") was Apex - Dell's as-a-service umbrella commitment - and we've already chatted about that in another single-topic video. 

In this video, I'm joined by Christophe Bertrand, Bob Laliberte, and Kevin Rhone to touch on a number of things ranging from DP to 5G to partnering....and then to try to pull things back together with regard to Dell's strategy.    


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Topics: Storage Channel Data Protection Networking