Dell VRTX Enables IT to Get Its House Back in Order

On June 4, 2013, Dell announced VRTX as a critical piece of IT infrastructure that is poised to alter the way IT consumes and deploys IT infrastructure and to bring some sanity back to IT management and daily operations. The tiers of IT infrastructure continue to collapse in an effort to simplify IT procurement, implementation, management, and daily operations. IT pros may still want to cobble pieces together and stick with do-it-yourself (DIY) type for deployments, but let’s face it, this has led to a rats nest of equipment piled high and although it may all work, it creates risk for the business.

Dell VRTX is primarily suited for ROBO (remote office branch office), departmental IT, and for businesses that can consolidate the multiple facets of their business applications on to a single platform. You can look at the Dell VRTX website for all the speeds and feeds of the box, but the value is ultimately in simplifying IT infrastructure and the life of the IT administrator.

Anyone looking to standardize ROBO gear, consolidate departmental servers, and do some house cleaning should take a close look at VRTX. The consolidation aspects coupled with simplified operations and its management capabilities make it an ideal match for many IT shops.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration