Dell VRTX Wraps in Additional Features

Earlier this year, Dell introduced its PowerEdge VRTX into the market with a goal of simplifying IT infrastructure for midmarket customers and ROBOs (remote office branch office). Further details and insights are located in this blog and ESG brief:

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Stands Alone Addressing IT Demands of Remote and Small Offices

dell-vrtx-enables-it-to-get-its-house-back-in-order/index.html" target="_blank">Dell VRTX Enables IT to Get Its House Back in Order

On 10/23/2013, Dell issued an additional momentum press release for VRTX highlighting the benefits customers are seeing, integration with AppAssure, and lease promotions.

The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is an important solution for Dell as customer look to simply IT infrastructure and get ready for alternative cloud consumption models. I’m not implying that the IT world move all the data centers to a cloud consumption model this weekend, but the movement has started. ESG recently asked IT professionals the likeliness their organization would consider using cloud servers and discovered that 18% would be very likely to do so with an additional 30% likely.

So what does these mean to Dell VRTX? As Dell’s customers make a transition to cloud, they are still going to require some on-premises IT infrastructure at headquarters or at ROBOs. Businesses also want to start taking advantage of infrastructure that can help bridge the path to cloud services and here is where Dell needs to continue to focus. It is fantastic to see Dell integrate in AppAsure and create solutions through its DVS (desktop virtualization solutions) with VMware but emerging competitive solutions from Simplivity, Nutanix and Scale Computing have some competitive features with deduplication, scale out architecture, and public cloud integration.

Dell has the leg up from an established go to market channel and as a trusted IT infrastructure provider, but these emerging vendors are nipping at the heel. Dell must continue to integrate additional functionality into VRTX and stay ahead of these innovators at a pace that allows customers to quickly get the benefits and are willing to invest.

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