Dell’s latest baby - DTW # 1 - is huge (Video)

Peters_DTWWe just welcomed Dell’s latest arrival - the inaugural Dell Technologies World event. For a “new born” it was pretty large and mature! Of course that’s because it was a rebranding of/from conferences-past, but it also did represent something new inasmuch as the collaboration and alignment across Dell’s constituent parts are what end-users want to well as being where added end-user value, as well as market and marketing upside, for Dell resides.

Trying to synthesize down some key takeaways is something that we at ESG always do at these events - and the scale and breadth of these ecosystem events can make that challenging. So this year, we decided to split our “On Location” video report into two - the first (in this blog) covers some of the key technologies and product announcements from Las Vegas in just 8 minutes or so. The second video summary will follow in a day or so and will be more focused on corporate and market execution thoughts. We hope you’ll watch both of course!

You can read additional insights and commentary from my colleagues Bob Laliberte and Edwin Yuen at their blogs. 

As Dell leads the charge for a move from IT as we know it to what Michael Dell likes to call BT (Business Technology), it seems to multiply the number of fingers it has in an ever-increasing number of pies on an almost daily basis. That of course leads to an immense portfolio (and partner network)....but it also leads to an immense requirement for Dell to package the essence of its value in simple and attractive terms. Dell does not want to be just an IT supermarket that offers massive choice; it wants - and needs - to be an aspirational choice that provides massive tangible value. Hence the focus at this year’s event on end-user outcomes and unexpected deployments and manifestations. And hence the involvement of Dell in research into the expectations for the mid-term BT future (2030) and its establishment of the Dell Technologies Institute. It is both a laudable academic foundation as well as a pragmatic incubating device to ensure there’s fertile soil for Dell’s chosen crops well into the next couple of decades. If this sounds grandiose, it really is not - there is both an opportunity and a responsibility on large players such as Dell to help shape, as much as serve, the future; to close this blog with a phrase that Michael Dell often uses, this is to ensure that we are entering and optimizing a period of “man and machine”, not one or the other.

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